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Q: How do I become a QuaranTunes teacher?

A: We try to make the process of becoming a QuaranTunes teacher as simple as possible! All you have is fill out the short “Apply To Teach” form. Once you apply, a QuaranTunes Board member will reach out to you to arrange a short phone interview. After that, and if all goes well, you will be added to our roster of Teachers and PickTime scheduling system. Shortly after this, the Head Teacher of your instrument section will reach out to you to schedule a more in-depth informational session about how exactly everything works and what your duties are as a teacher. As soon as this is complete, you will be all set to start getting booked!

Q: How much time commitment is being a QuaranTunes teacher?

A: It’s totally up to you!  Some of our teachers teach up to 8 lessons per day and some - only one half-an-hour class per week. After you start getting sign-ups for lessons, it’s your responsibility to determine at what point you would like to stop receiving more bookings and change your status on PickTime to “currently fully booked.” In addition to lessons with QuaranTunes students, we offer free Masterclasses and Workshops with world-class professional musicians and educators on strategies for giving the best music lessons that can be instrument-specific or open to all of our teachers. We strongly recommend that all of our teachers attend these as these present incredible learning opportunities and will help you hone your teaching skills. Lastly, we ask that all of our teachers attend weekly Zoom calls with the head teacher and other teachers in your instrument group to check in re how your lessons are going and just exchange ideas, teaching strategies and other helpful information. In total, we ask for an additional hour of commitment per week for these activities.

Q: Do I receive anything in exchange for teaching my lessons?

A: 100% of the donations we receive from parents after your lessons go to the CDC Foundation through our dedicated GoFundMe page. We are extremely grateful and aware of the time and effort teachers are putting into their lessons, so we award you with community service hours for every hour of teaching provided through QuaranTunes. In addition, we provide our teachers with incredible opportunities to work closely with some of the best musicians in the world through Zoom during our Masterclasses and Workshops. Lastly, we are working on forming partnerships with corporate sponsors to be able to reward our teachers with gift cards once they have surpassed a certain number of lessons. However, all of our teachers have said that the most rewarding part of the experience is teaching the lessons themselves and they have grown substantially as musicians because of them.

Q: How do I know what to teach during my lessons?

A: Once you join our team as a teacher, a giant Google Drive Folder will be shared with you that has all kinds of helpful resources for all of the different instruments that we teach. Our teachers all worked hard to provide a shared resource for every instrument with scanned music, notes and recordings from previous teacher workshops, and more. In addition, your respective head teacher will have had the most experience out of all our teachers with teaching lessons through us and they will always be friendly and available to talk to you about strategies for running your lessons. Lastly, we host bi-weekly workshops with professional musicians and teachers for your specific instrument where they will give really helpful advice regarding this as well. In other words, we have a wealth of resources and people who want to help you give the best lessons possible so you will never need to worry about not knowing what to do!

With any other questions feel free to reach out to our CEO, Julia Segal at (650) 924-5660!



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