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Q: How do I become a QuaranTunes teacher?

A: We try to make the process of becoming a QuaranTunes teacher as simple as possible! All you have is fill out the short “Apply To Teach” form. Once you apply, a QuaranTunes Board member will reach out to you to arrange a short phone interview. After that, you will be added to our roster of Teachers and PickTime scheduling system. Then, the Head Teacher of your instrument section will reach out to you to schedule a more in-depth informational session, answer any of your burning questions about how to give a music lesson, and give you a warm welcome to the QuaranTunes team!  As soon as this is complete, you will be all set to start getting booked!

Q: How much time commitment is being a QuaranTunes teacher?

A: It’s completely up to you! Some of our teachers teach up to 8 lessons per day and some only one half-an-hour class per week. After you start getting sign-ups for lessons, it’s your responsibility to determine when you would like to stop receiving more bookings and change your status on PickTime to “currently fully booked.”  We also offer frequently offer free masterclasses and workshops with world-class professional musicians that are open to all of our teachers. We strongly recommend that all of our teachers attend these if possible, as they provide unique opportunities to learn from the best (for free!) and hone your teaching skills.

Q: Do I receive anything in exchange for teaching lessons?

A: 100% of the donations we receive from parents after your lessons go towards our charitable cause. However, we we sign off on community service hours for all time spent volunteering for QuaranTunes - whether teaching, preparing for your lessons, or attending our instructional Zoom calls and workshops. In addition, our teachers get exclusive access to incredible opportunities to work closely with some of the best musicians in the world through Zoom during our masterclasses and workshops. However, all of our teachers have said that the most rewarding part of the experience is teaching the lessons themselves and seeing their students learn and grow.

Q: How do I know what to teach during my lessons?

A: Once you join our team as a teacher, a Google Drive folder will be shared with you that has a variety of helpful resources such as scanned books, warm-up exercises, lesson plans, and much more for all of the different instruments that we teach. In addition, after you become a QuaranTunes teacher, you will be added to a group chat for your instrument section, where fellow teachers are constantly giving each other advice on anything from what to do if your student comes late to what you should do if your student shows up to class from their hot tub! Your instrument section's Head Teacher will also be a great resource for all of your lesson-related questions and will always be happy to chat with you! Lastly, we host bi-weekly workshops with professional musicians and teachers on your specific instrument where they share their own tips on how to give the best music lessons and make sure your student progresses to their maximum ability. We have a wealth of resources and people who want to help you give the best lessons possible, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!


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