session 1 - morning

june 22-26 (monday - friday), 9-11am PST

Theme of the Week: Camp's Got Talent!

Come join us for a week of talent-show themed activities, games, and more (followed, of course, by a real talent show on the last day). Show off your talents and learn some new ones on the way! 

Meet The Counselors!

Callan Malone

Hi I'm Callan, I am a rising senior at Palo Alto High School and really excited to be a counselor. I have played soccer for 12 years and also run on my schools track team. I tutor middle schoolers and love biology. I am also looking forward to spending some time outside hiking this summer.

Art Director

Hallie Faust

Hi! My name is Hallie and I am a junior at Palo Alto High School. I play on the school field hockey team, and I also run for the track and field team. In my free time, I enjoy baking, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

Featured Workshops

Draw The Eiffel Tower w/ Domitille Laroppe

Learn about the history of one of the world's most famous monuments: the Eiffel tower. Then, learn how to draw it step-by-step and get the chance to decorate it and color it however you want! Class is taught by a local Parisian :). 

The Art of Arguing w/ Lisa Kopelnik

During this Intro to Debate workshop, students will learn the basics of public speaking and how to form cohesive arguments. The workshop will be full of fun questions to ponder, such as "is a hot dog a sandwich, and why?". We will be working on confidence and strength in speaking, and encourage students to use their critical thinking skills!

Hip Hop Hooray! w/ Sophie Lamm

In this fun beginner dance class, students will learn a short jazz and hip hop dance. We’ll explore different styles, learn about technique, and practice performing!


Monday: +1 (646) 945 - 5810

Tuesday-Wednesday: +1 (650) 300 - 9946

Thursday-Saturday: +1 (646) 945 - 5810

Sunday: +1 (650) 300 - 9946





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