My Promise Project  founded by Top 20 Billboard Artist Lara Downes

Music and art are empowering tools for self-expression and activism. In this free series of workshops, renowned pianist and arts activist, and Top 20 Billboard artist Lara Downes uses Freedom and Protest songs as inspiration for students to create their own artistic statements of leadership and activism. These workshops challenge and engage young people as they envision futures built on awareness, intention, and action.

SolNote is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas that has chapters in Dallas, Nashville, Oklahoma, NYC, LA, Chicago, and more and is set to create opportunities for underprivileged kids to receive hands-on lessons and training within the world of music. The goal is to create a friendly environment of young adults helping kids grow through music. Music education is very important in today's society, allowing kids to evolve relationships and individualism, through a healthy setting in which they can develop skills musically and emotionally. SolNote wants to help kids find the music inside of them.

SolNote recently created a music activity book that features introductions to various instruments for beginners and fun activities for them to do while in quarantine. Students can receive access to the full book after their first QuaranTunes lesson. Here is a quick preview of the book. 

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Camp Curious

Camp Curious is an all-day, “live” summer camp where kids play, grow and train all from the safety of home.   


Every day at Camp Curious is a well-rounded adventure. Based on curious.com’s Curious Quotient methodology, campers will benefit from free-play, growth-mindset and experiential learning techniques. Sessions are led by Curious.com accredited teachers, and there is a maximum 10:1 camper to counselor ratio.


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Monday-Friday 3:00pm-9:00pm PST

Saturday-Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm PST





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